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Even though there are many roofing contractors at your disposal, you may have a hard time finding a contractor who exhibits professionalism and who will not only replace your roof, but also optimize its performance for many years to come. Unfortunately, it is not rare that homeowners discover a contractor’s lack of professionalism not at the beginning but in the middle of a project, and consequently are left with a very bad roofing job. The only thing worse than be left with a bad roof is to be left with an incomplete job. Sadly, that also happens quite often. If you choose to hire the Avatar Construction INC Tampa, you will not have to worry about being left with a poorly installed or replaced roof. We have over 37 years combined experience and pride ourselves in servicing the local community.

We care about our customers the most and that is why we have shaped our residential and commercial roofing services to easily meet their budget and needs. If you are thinking about replacing or building a new roof, have in mind that only contractors with the following qualities can ensure you receive high-quality and professional roofing services from start to finish.

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When Does Your Roof Need to Be Replaced?

It isn’t always simple to determine whether or not your roof should be replaced. A major leak can sometimes simply be repaired. In other cases, smaller leaks that weren’t detected promptly can seriously jeopardize the structural integrity of your home and require getting a new roof. You shouldn’t wait until you find yourself with buckets to collect rainwater to replace your roof. Noticing certain signs early is the only way to have repairs done before the water and exposure to harsh weather destroy more than just the roof of your home.

If your roof is old or it has a poor covering, you will significantly lose heat and energy. Occasionally check if there are gaps or hole in your roofing tiles. Another way to check to see which area of the roof is allowing heat to escape is to observe where the snow melts during the winter. If there is a part of your roof that seems to melt quicker, and the melting is not caused by sunlight, the heat that comes from the inside of the house is responsible for it. Have you ever heard strange noises and rumblings in your attic? Don’t worry; you are not dealing with a ghost, but with small animals and birds. If animals can get into your attic, you have holes and gaps that need to be repaired. Squirrels and bats are the usual animals that find their way into your roof and home. If you don’t fix these gaps and holes, not only you will have to deal with nests and droppings from different animals, but you will also have to fix additional damage caused by rain, wind, and snow.


If you have recently had a nasty storm, check your roof for damage. We have recently seen several heavy storms throughout Florida that have caused significant damage to home in Tampa. Storms with heavy winds can leave a long-lasting damage on your roof that will only get worse over time. Heavy winds can dislodge roofing tiles and blow debris into the roofing structure and snow, and ice can jeopardize the structural integrity of your roof. After severe storms, always visually inspect the tiles on your roof and make sure they are lined up properly. Make sure they are not bulged or disfigured. It would also be wise to have your roof inspected by a licensed roofing contractor, especially if your roof is more than 20 years old and you have noticed some signs of damage. Only a professional can accurately determine whether your roof needs a simple repair or replacement.

To conclude, your roof should be replaced when it’s near the end of its service life, meaning it’s older than 20 years. If your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan, have it inspected by a professional. Have in mind that proper maintenance, previous repairs, material and ventilation significantly affect the lifespan of your roof. As we mentioned, in a case of extensive leaking, your roof has to be replaced as soon as possible.

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We use only the finest materials on all of our roof replacement jobs, and refuse to skimp on quality materials. You will likely only have to replace your roof one time, we will ensure it is done right.


Not every roof needs to be replaced. When we arrive for your estimate, we will share our strategy to help you achieve the best result at the most affordable price.


Our goal is to be the #1 provider of roofs in the area. We are committed to quality service and complete customer satisfaction.


You won’t see our television ads plastered all over the morning news channels. We rely on customer referrals and word of mouth which allows us to keep our prices low and our quality high.

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